Individual and Couples Therapy

Problems often reflect underlying difficulties from each partner’s experiences in earlier life. Psychotherapy aims to understand what lies behind current difficulties, paying attention both to conscious and unconscious factors, in order to bring about change. Whether you come with your partner or alone, whether you’re gay or heterosexual, married or single; I aim to offer a safe and confidential setting in which to explore your difficulties.

At the sessions I will explore the issues that are concerning you and I will, over a period of time, try and understand what these issues mean and how they might relate to other events in your life. Couples often use the relationship to work things through that have been painful or traumatic in the past. Although relationships can be very challenging, they can also be healing. I aim to help you get your relationship back on track so that it can be a partnership from which you can both grow and develop.

Therapy sessions cost just £70 per hour, payment can be made via bank transfer or paid in cash